Top 5 Reasons to Visit Cornwall

For my first post I thought I would honour my home county of Cornwall. To me, Cornwall is without a doubt a wonderful place to visit if you find yourself wanting a holiday. Here, I’ll list just some of the endless reasons why Cornwall is a wonderful place unlike any other.

  1. It’s Beautiful
    Cornwall is without a doubt a stunning county, full of picturesque villages and a bounty of flora and fauna. Wherever you look fields and woodland are not far away, you can walk for miles and will always be close to some Cornish ice cream.


2. The Sea is Never Far Away
The seaside is a wonderful place summer or winter. The sea air is great at blowing away the cobwebs and brightening up your day. The sea also provides you with endless opportunities for activity, you can learn to surf or paddle board, or go kayaking and coasteering.


3. We are the Home of Great Food
Now sure, there are plenty of places you can go that are beautiful and by the sea but no where else could you sample a proper Cornish pasty. Trust me, no words will do it justice. But if it really isn’t your thing, we have an array of creamy, sweet delights including fabulous cream teas and ice cream.


4. Wildlife
We have such a great collection of wildlife in Cornwall, with wild ponies on the moor and plenty of National Trust places full of animals. The highlights are probably the animals of the ocean. We are always home to beautiful seals that sleep all day on the beaches (Don’t go too close!), but we are often visited by dolphins, basking sharks (They won’t eat you but look pretty scary) and this year even some whales. So whether you grab your binoculars, camera or kayak, Cornwall is a great place for wildlife.


Courtesy of the Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust

5. Castles and the like
Broad I know, but we were once the home of a lot of mining and maybe once, I like to think, knights. Which means we have an abundance of interesting castles and engine houses that make interesting day outs and postcard pretty photographs

Have I convinced you yet?


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