Life is a Beach

What more would you want than a 3 day weekend sipping cocktails and eating pancakes under the beautiful sun. Sri Lanka has gorgeous white sand beaches and an ocean filled with turtles and whales.


A statue built depicting the height of the tsunami

Day One: Turtles. Spent the day travelling around in the bus all the way to a town named Hikaduwa, home to a wonderful turtle sanctuary. These guys have dedicated their life to saving injured turtles, hatching babies safely and releasing them into the wild. First though, I took a trip to a ladies house where she had set up this wonderful tribute to the victims of the Boxing Day tsunami. Though harrowing, with walls covered floor to ceiling in children’s depictions of the big wave, photographs and chilling, upsetting stories from those who survived, if you ever find yourself in the South of Sri Lanka, this is worth a visit. But plan to go to the turtle sanctuary afterwards, because it really does cheer you up.


Day Two: Today was more or less a beach today, lounging around reading and drinking a lot of milkshakes. I also visited a lovely town called Galle, a completely walled town much like York or Canterbury. Absolutely beautiful. In the evening me and the friends I was with wondered  along the shore that was littered with bars and restaurants. Sri Lanka’s Ararak (much like whiskey or rum) was great in cocktails.


Day Three: A very early start for me because I had booked myself onto a whale tour! I wasDSCN1737
extremely tired and I think I remember someone waking me up when we got out far enough into the ocean. Before long we saw pods of small of dolphins and got pretty close to some wonderful blue whales. I had always dreamed of seeing whales, though the experience was a little marred by being extremely seasick. Though it really was great, and I got some well-deserved pancakes and a pot of tea upon my return to the beach.





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