Trekking and Safari

To start this post I have to tell you that going on a safari and viewing so many wonderful animals in their home has always been a dream of mine. Sri Lanka is the home of many national parks, famous for their beautiful vibrant birds, elephants and leopards. The leopard, being the more elusive animal, made me choose a national park home to the most elephants. Seemed like the best bet! And it was remarkable.

DSCN1547 - Copy

It was a Saturday, an I awoke early to begin the tremendous walk to ‘The end of the world’, in order to arrive before the clouds appeared and the view disappeared with them. So it’s dark, really dark, but the sun begins to rise over the distant mountains and the deer that live there. It was so beautiful. Thankfully as well, not so hot. The end of the world is aptly named because it is so high it feels like you just might have reached the end, the drop is almost vertical and they say that from there you can see the sea (though I didn’t). It was wonderful. But not just that, the walk was intermingled with flowing rivers and waterfalls.








The next day was safari day. Up at 4.30am (again!), and taken to the safari on this huge jeep. We began the journey with buffalo, a lot of buffalo.

DSCN1434 - Copy

But as we turned around the corner there it was, our very first elephant! I huge male that had just come from a bath in the river. He stood close and threw mud over himself. Right by him was this gorgeous group of four juvenile elephants, all with bands around their neck. These elephants were being tracked to ensure their survival, because a couple of them has lost their mothers or been removed from the wild because of illness before being placed together as a makeshift herd. Before we knew it we’d seen toucans, snakes, peacocks in trees and crocodiles. Old elephants, mating elephants and mothers with their babies. And it was wonderful. I shall let my photos speak for themselves. No words do justice how great a day this was.

DSCN1575DSCN1582DSCN1544 - CopyDSCN1567
DSCN1438 - Copy

DSCN1545 - Copy





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