Pick-Me-Ups for a bad day

Having a bad day, here’s a list of things I do to brighten things up

Have a sing along
Make your own playlist, find one online, it’s up to you. As long as you can sing along you’ll be smiling in no time

Take a shower
You could even take your playlist because shower acoustics are top-notch
Wash your hair, or shave those legs, or use your favourite smelling shower gels to indulge all senses


Sit down, smile and apply some make-up
Might not work everyone but for me I feel much more confident with make-up on, and if you do to I can certainly recommend this
Maybe even accompany your routine with some chocolate and tell yourself how amazing you are in the mirror

Physical activity
Anything from dancing to your playlist, to a run or some at-home yoga it will get your blood pumping and make your body feel good

Go outside
Anywhere beautiful and green with flowers or swans is my favourite (or the beach if you live close enough). The fresh air will feel great and you can see how wonderful it is to be a part of a beautiful world


Read a book
Need to escape? Want to go on an adventure? The only answer to me. Best taken with blankets, candles and a cuppa

12338996_995496860493242_1182677725_n(1)Talk to someone
Ring a friend, grab a coffee, call your Grandma, talking to someone about their day will make you feel better for sure and if you’ve been waiting to meet up with that friend for ages then that’s something ticked off your list too

Watch something funny
Friends, Parks and Recreation and Gilmore Girls are my personal favourites but if I really want to laugh I love youtube videos and Whose Line Is It Anyway

Do something you’re good at
Whatever it is, it will remind you how great you are

Remember, you are kind, you are smart, you are important!

Anything I’ve missed that you think helps?


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