The Land of Aus’

Australia. The land down-under. The land of sunshine and beaches. Australia was absolutely stunning and burning hot. I visited Australia for a couple of weeks as part of a longer adventure, and I would love to go back. I stayed mainly within Sydney, and ventured up the Gold Coast to Surfers Paradise and Byron Bay. To be honest, the entire coast of Australia was a surfers paradise, and I burnt to a crisp!

Sydney was a stunning city and filled with things to do and places to visit, though I managed to walk around the whole city in my first day, going through the Botanical Gardens to the Opera House, to the sky tower and down to Darling Harbour. I was completely spent. Which probably explains why I spent most of the following days on the beach! On the next day I walked a beautiful coastal walk from Coogee beach (possibly the best name for a beach I’ve ever heard) to Bondi beach (my friends at home screaming at me for not getting a photo with the famous lifeguards or pretending to drown in order to be saved by one of them). It was a stunning coastline, but my favourite place was this beautiful cove along the way that was wonderful for swimming and cooling off for the rest of the walk (this is pictured below, but I don’t know the name).

The following days were full with a trip to Manly, a wonderful little town visited my boat (what more could you want than a boat bus!) where I ate A LOT of gelato, a trip to the aquarium and Taronga zoo (again, via boat).

To complete the trip I booked a flight up to the Gold Coast, and stayed with a friend’s friend’s family (that barbecued everything and had an amazing outdoor water bed because it is just always sunshine). Byron Bay was by far my favourite place, the beaches were just as beautiful and accompanied with a lovely, laid-like vibe. There were kite festivals, food markets and parades galore. In the end though, I had to make my way back to Sydney in time for my flight over to New Zealand!

And, Australia is full of parrots!


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