Port Lympne and Paignton: A weekend of zoo trips

I haven’t posted anything here in what feels like forever, but I did recently spent a week in by the Kent coast and I thought I’d share some photos. Here I lived a childhood dream – inspired by the child TV show Roar – of visiting Port Lympne zoo and safari park. Once returning to the south west I also visited Paignton Zoo. My family has always visited Paignton zoo, and we’ve always arrived before it opens, in the sunshine or horrible rain, and it’s always nice to return to this familiar and wonderful place. I took possibly far too many photographs of the countless animals.

My highlights include the safari park in Port Lympne, a huge expense of Kent wilderness reflective of the African Savannah, as well as getting up close to a baby gibbon and some cheetahs.

At Paignton I was lucky enough to see some baby lions that played in a pond very close to the viewing window, and two very adorable and cheeky baby orangutans. Paignton is also home to some beautiful giraffes.

If you ever go on a national tour of zoos, or visit either Devon or Kent for your summer holiday, definately check out these wonderful zoos. And not only are they wonderful days out, both contribute to the breeding and conservation of many vulnerable and endangered animals, including Langurs, Przewalski horses and Gorillas.




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