Lady Chatterley’s Layer Cake

As an ode to a wonderful baking book I was recently given, I’ve been baking foods inspired by novels. This novel bake is in reference to Lady Chatterley’s Lover, and was delish.


If you want to give it a go, here is what you would need:

7 ounces each of self-raising flour, sugar and softened butter
3 or 4 eggs, whatever weighs the closest to 7 ounces
Tsp of baking powder
That’s it! If you want to add a little vanilla, a tsp would do and it would taste great

For the icing and decoration, you’d need:

300/ 400ml of double or whipping cream
A couple tablespoons of icing sugar
A load of jam, at least 6 tablespoons, and lots of berries (I defrosted a bag of summer fruits)
I used raspberry jam but any jam, like strawberry or blackberry, would be delicious as well

Here’s what I did:

To begin, I took the butter out of the fridge to soften, preheated the oven to about 190degrees and greased and lined my cake (8 inches)
I first, like any standard cake, mixed together the sugar and butter until nice and fluffy
Then whisked the eggs and added them in bit by bit whilst whisking, with a bit flour
Then, I sifted the remaining flour and baking powder into the bowl and folded in until just combined

I had to bake my cakes individually as I only have one tin but if you have two tins, go ahead and put them both in at the same time

I split the mixture (though I didn’t do a great job) in half and baked the first for 20 minutes until the sponge was springing back and had come away from the tin
The next was a little larger, and baked for about 25 minutes

The icing I whipped up and left in the fridge to keep cool

After letting each sponge cool completely I cut one cake in half to give me 3 layers, and spread each with jam
Each layer got a good amount of the whipped cream, and a generous helping of berries
This cake would pretty easily make a 4 layered cake too!

As mine was only 3 layers, I had cream left over so topped the cake with cream and berries and finished with some icing sugar

I think this novel inspired cake would make a great addition to any summer party!